Back to USSR in Vilnius…

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1984 in the Bunker (Back to the USSR)

Director – National Award Winner Jonas Vaitkus
Producer – Rūta Vanagaitė

A 3,000 m2  bunker in the outskirts of Vilnius 5 meters bellow ground.
The Bunker: a survival show where USSR revives…
‘1984’ – the twentieth century anti-utopia, a book written by George Orwell while Stalin was still in power. He envisioned what life would be like in a future totalitarian society in the far-off year of 1984, the times of the Big Brother watching you at all times. But what if we, living in the twenty-first century, did not look to the future as did G.Orwell, but instead to the past, to the real 1984 in the Soviet Union?
Have you forgotten what it was like, or have you never seen it in general?
Would you like not only to see, but experience firsthand what the life was like back then?
Welcome to the USSR, preserved / reconstructed in The Bunker…

In an enclosed 2 hectare territory right near Vilnius, in a forest, there is a 3,000 sq. m. secret two-level underground labyrinth built at the time of the Cold War in the 80’s,  as an alternative TV station for use in case of a nuclear war between the USSR and USA… for more information related with this event, click here.

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